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What do you love most about your pet? Is it his enthusiastic greeting at the end of a long, hard day? Perhaps it’s how you can always count on her to be by your side, whether at work or play. Or maybe it’s the way he always seems to know when you need an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on.

Whatever unique bond you share with your animal friend, one thing’s for sure. You’d do anything to keep that little guy or gal happy, healthy and fit for as long as possible.

At Veterinary Angels Medical Center, an Agoura Hills veterinarian, we would be truly honored to assist you in achieving this goal. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop a system of care that’s both comprehensive and compassionate.

We welcome our clients and patients with open arms, honest communication and supportive care. Our mission is to see you both enjoy many years of friendship with one another.

Whether your companion is furry, feathered or covered in scales, his or her health is as important to us as it is to you.

If you’re seeking a veterinary partner in the Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding areas, we hope you’ll give us a try. Call or stop by any time!

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Providing complete veterinary needs in Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding areas…

When it comes to diagnosing and treating a pet for an ailment, sometimes a physical exam and lab work aren’t enough to effectively assess your pet’s condition. In order to more fully diagnose him or her we can use ultrasound technology and imaging to provide a non-invasive way to see their internal organs.

As of this week, Veterinary Angels Medical Center will have a new ultrasound machine for the clinic! Our veterinary staff are skilled in general practice ultrasound and can now easily perform these services for your pet. Advanced ultrasound imaging is also available at VAMC through our on call imaging specialists.

Some benefits of our ultrasound package includes:

    • An informative consult with the doctor prior
    • Use of “twilight sedation” if necessary for your pet’s comfort
    • Multiple images taken to get a full view of your pet
    • A comprehensive report generated with the findings from the ultrasound

Having this new machine at our disposal will continue to increase the level of care and treatment that Veterinary Angels staff perform for your pets. Please call us with any questions or for more information!

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  • "Amazing!! My puppy had an emergency and they were so sweet and stayed well past closing time to help me and my dog. I was in and out pretty quick and my puppy is back to great health thanks to them! And they are cheaper than other vets in the area so that's even a plus! Keep up the great work."
    Jamie H.